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Get to more YES’s

Get to More YES's

As you move into the holiday season, now is the perfect time to evaluate your year end goals.   An important activity to track is your prospecting.  How many new people are you committed to talking to each week?  (Emphasis on NEW and TALKING).

Now is NOT the time to slow down your prospecting pace.

In order to sponsor new business partners, and continue to grow your business in a balanced way, your primary focus during the holiday season must stay on prospecting.   This is not a new concept.

As you read this, you may respond with “I know this Leslie. I am reaching out!  I am making the calls!”  And then pose the question, “Why aren’t I getting the results I’m looking for?”  Hmm.

Here’s a scenario I’ve witnessed over and over again.  Yes … people are making the calls, and yet, they keep calling the same people who have been telling them ‘NO.’

Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I certainly want you to practice professional and consistent follow-up.  We know ‘the fortune is in the follow-up.’

And yet, I don’t want you to be in denial about your activities.  There is too much at stake here.

I want you to take a clear look at the people you’ve TALKED TO in the past 30 days.  How many are NEW prospects and how many are the same people who keep telling you ‘NO?’

This is something to take a serious look at.

For many Direct Sellers who are not satisfied with the pace of their business … they discover that yes, they are making the calls … it’s just that they keep calling the same handful of people who continue to tell them ‘NO, not now!’

NOTE: At the EXCLUSION of reaching out to NEW people.  Do you get it?

Why do they do this?  It’s an interesting trap that many fall into.  Here’s what I think:

You’d rather get a KNOWN ‘NO’ than a NEW ‘NO.’  What?

Emotionally and psychologically, it’s easier to continue to get ‘NOs’ from people you know are going to tell you ‘NO’ than face rejection by reaching out to someone new and getting a NEW ‘NO.”

I know.  Crazy right?  But think about it!  And better yet, take a good look at the contact list you are currently working.

Again … I want you to follow-up.  Yes I do!  I also want you to make sure that MORE of your prospecting calls are to NEW people.  You may be surprised once you evaluate your list.

Reaching out to new people can be uncomfortable.  Hearing a ‘no’ can be disappointing.

And yet, I’ll tell you what’s more disappointing.  Not living up to your full potential!

As you move through the holiday season, find the joy in talking to more NEW people.  And rather than dealing with the ‘NOs’ you may receive … you’ll enjoy hearing an increase in the number of new ‘YES’s.’


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