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December 5, 2017
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December 19, 2017
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December: Prospecting Paradise!

December Prospecting Paradise

In December, your business is faced with both distractions and benefits.  Depending on how you perceive them, they can either stall or drive your business.

After many years in the field, December became one of my favorite months to work my business.  In fact, on our team, we called the upcoming whirlwind of holiday activities “Prospecting Paradise.”

With the right attitude, you’ll see over the next few weeks how the world will give you many opportunities to talk to people and build your business.  We call them “parties!”  You can also call them, “Networking on Demand!”

The key to success is to be joyful, authentic and consistent.  While celebrating at the countless holiday parties with friends, family and new acquaintances, simply share your authentic feelings of joy and gratitude for finding your company and building your business.  Share your enthusiasm for 2017.  Your genuine passion will attract people who want to learn more.

As always, consistency is the key to being a Champion.  December is not a good month to take off, relax, be complacent or slow down.  On the contrary, December is a month to stay in action, talk to more people, pick up your prospecting pace and generate as much interest as possible.  Why?

The last thing you want to do is wake up after New Year’s to an empty funnel.  You are entering a unique window of time.  Come the New Year, what do most people make resolutions about?  They want to look better, feel better and make more money!  And you, my friend, with your products and business, have a solution for them.  But only if they know about it.

Make a commitment to consistently talk to more people over the next few weeks.  Be prepared to articulate why it makes sense for your prospects to take action now.

And for those who don’t, simply add them to your ever-growing list of people to contact as the New Year begins.  Your December game-plan is two-fold:

  • To create as much activity as possible
  • To create an ever-expanding list so you can hit the ground running the first week in January

Your 4th Quarter activity sets you up for the 1st Quarter of the New Year.  The 1st quarter of the New Year becomes the foundation you will build on throughout 2018.

Your time is now!  You can have it all.  You can enjoy “Prospecting Paradise” and comfortably meld celebration and networking in an authentic and joyful way.

P.S. Did you grab last week’s Focus on the Fundamentals worksheet? Click the link to request it now!


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