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Take Your Team from How to Why

From How to Why

After completing a coaching session with one of your partners, where you’ve reviewed a specific skill from your business ‘system,’ have you ever wondered if they:

  1. Understood how to actually do the skill?
  2. Understood why incorporating the skill was important to their success?

When you use the leadership concept of “How To … Why To” when working with your team, you’ll find it supports the learning process and drives people to take action faster!

Here’s how it works.  When coaching your team members, along with reviewing the HOW TO do something, make sure to follow it up with the WHY TO do something.

It’s one thing to share the How To … the skill, the language, the activity to create success in their business.   The next step that solidifies that skill and supports its duplication is to follow up the How To with the Why To … the significant reason why it is so important to embrace the skill, learn the language and do the activity.

The How To delivers the features of your business system.  The Why To delivers the benefits for putting that system into practice!

For example:  Let’s say you spend time with your new business partner packaging their Business Story.  You review all the features:

  • Keep it brief
  • Follow a brief outline: What do they do for a living, and for how many years, what do they like about their job, what don’t they like about their job, and how their Direct Selling business will create new options.
  • The importance of writing it similar to how they speak … rather than in perfect grammatical style
  • How the ending should be authentic and compelling
  • And most importantly … memorizing their stories

Okay … those are just some of the features for packaging their Business Story.

Now to solidify this, it’s critical to follow up with all the benefits for having a well-packaged and memorized story.

When they get the opportunity to share their story with someone … if it’s well packaged, they can:

  • Deliver it effectively and confidently
  • Retain their confidence and posture
  • Come from authenticity rather than scattered thoughts of desperation
  • Share their story rather than sounding desperate or like they’re selling
  • And the BADA BOOM … a well-delivered story is the best way to intrigue, create interest, and compel people to want to learn more and hopefully take the next step.

As you work with your leaders, regardless of the skill, language, or activity that you are coaching, make sure to review the specific feature of your system and then follow up with the benefits they’ll experience by mastering that skill.

Make teaching with How To … Why To a habit.  This will lead to more understanding, higher confidence and greater results!

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