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August 15, 2017
Don’t sabotage your dreams
Don’t sabotage your dreams!
August 29, 2017
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No regrets!

Bring Dreams to Life

When I train groups on how to develop the Mindset of a Champion … there is one concept in particular that always generates an immediate impact from the audience.  And this is the case whether I’m on a zoom call or speaking from the stage.

Before I delve into this important topic, let’s begin with a quote by author Nikki Gemmel:

“No one knows of the cautiousness at the heart of your life. Your adulthood has been a progressive retreat from curiosity and wonder, an endless series of delays and procrastinations. You wanted to be so much, once, but life kept getting in the way … You settled.”

The first time I read those words, I was moved to tears.  They were so impactful, I included them in my book, “Choose to Be a Champion.”

How do YOU feel as you read her words?  Do they ring true?  And if so, at what level of dissatisfaction, disappointment and/or sadness?

Do you have regrets?  Are there areas in your life … perhaps in your health, wealth, creative expression or relationships … where you want to create change and yet, you just haven’t been able to take that first step?  If so, why is that?

One of the reasons may be that you’ve preferred to settle.  Hmmmmm …

Settling. A word which creates a powerful, striking image for so many of us.

Are we even aware when we are settling?  Why do we settle?  To what degree are we settling? And most importantly … if we are settling, how does it impact our confidence, our actions, our achievement and our joy for life?

I know for me, the major times in my life when I discovered I had been settling for less than I desired … I wasn’t even aware of it.  I find this so interesting.  It wasn’t until something happened that changed the status quo in that area of my life where I could look back and realize that, yes, I had been settling.

A great example of this was when I started my own business.  The joy, the inspiration, the freedom, the creativity, the satisfaction and the unlimited possibilities that I experience every day running my own business are a zillion times more satisfying than when I was an employee.  And I worked for some really terrific companies!  It’s just not the same.

I can sum this up perfectly with the concept Toastmaster Champion Craig Valentine talks about.  “I was letting my good enough get in the way of my great!”

I believe that’s a major piece to the puzzle.  If things are ‘good enough’ … then in most cases, we settle.  Why?  Because things are good enough.

Is there an area in your life right now where things seem ‘good enough’ and yet, you have a level of dissatisfaction?  Take some time and consider if you are settling.  Are you letting your good enough get in the way of your great?  And if so, are you willing to accept things as they are … or do you want to create change?

I will come back to this topic next week.  For now, let’s go back to those words from Nikki:

“You wanted to be so much, once, but life kept getting in the way … You settled.”

Change begins with awareness … and then finding the courage to act.

Where are you settling?  What do you want to change?  What are you willing to do?  If settling is a choice … then NOT settling is a choice.

Whatever dreams you have, bring them to life.  Now is your time!


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