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July 18, 2017
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August 1, 2017
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Write your Chapter of Success … Part 3

Achievement Chapter

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been examining how your Direct Selling business unfolds in three distinct chapters that will ultimately reflect your personal development journey.

We began by reviewing how you might write your Launch chapter.  Then we turned the page and reviewed how you might record your Commitment chapter.  In this final chapter, let’s discuss how you might author your Achievement chapter.

Once you’ve built a team that continues to thrive and expand, you’ll need a way to extend your influence beyond your direct leaders to those in your downline organization. To succeed in your Achievement chapter, keep your focus on your Authentic Leadership.

To successfully author your Achievement chapter, consider these leadership concepts to help you show up like a leader and confidently step into your greatness!

  • Show up like a Leader: It starts with your commitment to a daily personal development practice. I’ve always said, “Mindset trumps skill set every time!”  Through mentorship and experience, you can learn practical ways to embrace your leadership ‘posture’ with authenticity, positivity and balance.  Great rewards come from great effort.  As with any endeavor, there are highs and lows in the journey.  One thing I know for sure is that the better your mindset, the better your attitude, the better your ability to do what’s necessary to follow your dreams to design your life and reach your goals.
  • Duplicate your Leadership: Focus on mastering your company’s business system and teach your team to do the same. When you consistently transfer your unique tone, messaging and mentorship to your organization, you can effectively duplicate the skills and behaviors that create success.  Your foundation for unlimited possibilities and achievement will always come from repeating the proven fundamentals with increasing skill.  Developing a team that watches and emulates your example will help you successfully duplicate your Authentic Leadership.
  • Create your Team Culture: The most effective way to create a culture that reflects your Authentic Leadership is by setting the example. There are characteristics and values you want to duplicate in your team such as courage, honesty, integrity, authenticity and so on. Yet the bottom line is … developing them is not really YOUR responsibility.  Growth in those areas comes from each Consultant’s own practice of personal development.  However, by living and embodying the powerful, positive beliefs you develop in your own personal development practice, you become an inspiring example for your team.  Your example is the cornerstone of your team’s culture!
  • Develop your Leadership Style: I believe it’s your values, character, experience, posture, attitude and mindset that manifest your leadership style. How does your leadership style affect your success?  Can your style increase your confidence for leading?  Can your style actually draw people to you?  Can your style help you lead?  Can your style drive your achievement?  I think the answer to every one of these questions is a resounding YES.  And when I consider the number one practice for improving and expanding your leadership style … and a proven method for protecting its high value … it’s the practice of personal development.  Yes … we’ve come full circle, haven’t we?

 I’m forever inspired by this quote from Marianne Williamson, “You must learn a new way to think, before you can master a new way to be.”

My wish for you is that by embracing these leadership concepts … by learning a new way to think … you will author an Achievement chapter that turns your every dream into reality!

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