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January 2, 2018
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January 16, 2018
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The Hammock of the Deep!

2018 Swim Past the Breakers

I look to 2018 with eyes wide open!  My life’s vision is expansive, my heart is full of gratitude and my fears are tempered by an unshakable belief that I can design the life of my dreams.

And yet … in those moments when doubt or fear creeps in, I am inspired by a poem from one of my favorite authors, Mark Nepo:

The Surface and the Deep

“When our days are turbulent and troubled, our challenge is to remember that the wave is not the sea.  Though it pounds us, the pounding will pass.  Though it tosses us about, the tossing will pass, if we don’t fight it.

“Often our fear misleads us to stay in close to shore, when the safest place is in the deep, if we can get there.  Any swimmer knows: stay too close to shore and you will be battered by the surf and undertow.

“We must swim out past the breakers if we are to know the hammock of the deep.  Stay on land or make it to the deep.  It is the in-between that kills.”

Think about your Direct Selling business.  What fears have historically kept you on land, or worse, kept you in the ‘in-between’ where you are too fearful to take action?

How often do you confuse the wave with the sea?  How often do you allow one setback to paralyze you?

Why not declare 2018 as the year you will leave the shore and swim out past the breakers?

I believe that the one resolution you can make to create a dramatic shift in your life is the commitment to daily personal development.

You owe it to yourself to spend 15-30 minutes every day putting positive thoughts into your head to remind yourself how amazing you are and how your possibilities are endless!

Get your head in the game so you can live up to your potential, find the courage to take action and live the life you desire … the life you deserve!

I am confident that with a commitment to personal development, you will successfully meet the adventures, challenges and opportunities that await you in the New Year.

2018 can be the year you leave the shore and swim out past the breakers!  Find the courage and you will experience the hammock of the deep.

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