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Texting Is Not Coaching

Texting is not Coaching

A quick text to check in with your new Consultant should be enough to get her moving, right?  In most cases … that’s wrong!  To get your new team member charging ahead, you must encourage a new way of thinking, which includes looking at things differently yourself.

When you take the path of least resistance … in this example, choosing a convenient method of communication rather than an effective one … you risk the successful launch of your new Consultant.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s an all-too-common scenario from this emerging epidemic:

You sponsor a new business partner, and what do you do?  You text her.

And so the texts begin:

YOU: “I am so excited to work with you! Let me know when you want to review your list and make some calls.  You’re a rock star!” (insert ten emoji’s)

NEWBIE: “Thanks. You’re terrific too.  I appreciate the support.  I am working my list and will reach out to you soon.”  (insert ten emoji’s)

And what happens?   Nothing.

A few days go by:

YOU: “How are you?  I know how busy things are.  Let’s make some calls today.  I’m here for you.” (insert five emoji’s)

NEWBIE: “Thank you.  It’s been a crazy busy week.  I’ll look at my list and get back to you soon.” (insert five emoji’s)

And what happens?  More of nothing.

And what’s interesting is that everyone is in collective denial.  You think you’ve sponsored a ‘rock star’ and yet she hasn’t done anything.  She thinks she’s started an exciting new business and yet she hasn’t done anything.

Ten days after Enrollment:

YOU: “So when are we going to get started?  I’m here for you.”

NEWBIE: “What was I thinking?  Nobody is interested in this.  I don’t think I can do this.” (insert crying emoji)

In essence, she stole her own dream and it’s really sad.

The longer your new Consultant is inactive … the longer she goes without experiencing that first critical success … the greater the odds that she will quit before she ever even starts.

One solution is to make sure that during the qualifying conversation … the conversation you have prior to enrollment … you make it clear that you can’t and won’t coach her by text.  Then reinforce this boundary the day of enrollment.

You want to support her as she finds the courage and enthusiasm to move out of her comfort zone to develop the skills she needs to build her business.  Working together keeps it simple and fun!

And the most fun and effective way to do this is by working together talking on the phone.

Don’t hide behind your texts!  Can you hear me now?

When you choose to use the phone to train and support your new Consultant, you will dramatically increase her odds of success.

And you both deserve the opportunity to see what you can build together.

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