More Testimonials

“Leslie, I continue to plug into your training calls because they are so inspirational and truly deliver the goods! The strategies I have learned from you are transforming my business. Thank you!”

      Erin R


“I am a total ZannFan. I just bought your Choose to be a Champion book not just for me … but for the sales people I work with. Thank you!”

      Kelly B


“I am listening to your training on Time Management and it’s kicking my butt. It may be the number one thing holding me back – in all areas of my life. Not any more! Today is a new day!”

      Maria M


“You are upbeat, knowledgeable and truthful … which are qualities that make up a phenomenal coach. Your information is a huge benefit to me and my business.”

      Andrea L


“Thank you for an amazing workshop with so many incredible, PRACTICAL ideas for our lives and our businesses!”

      Becky H


I didn’t know that along with business training, I would also be learning from a Life Coach. The results from working with you have been inspiring.”  

      Erin J


“I drove from Atlanta to Birmingham to attend your workshop. Your wisdom and practical applications for best practices are the cornerstone of my business growth.”

      Kimberly L


“The training workshop was emotional for me for many reasons. The doors you opened in my mind are helping me move forward personally and professionally.”

      Martha S