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Don’t sabotage your dreams!
August 29, 2017
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September 19, 2017
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Sprint into September!


Here we are in the first week of September. This is the final month of the third quarter and your third 90-day cycle of 2017.  How are you tracking towards your year-end goals?  Does your business need some course correction?  If so, now would be the perfect time to make those adjustments.

The one area in your business that you can control is the number of new people you talk to … and how fast you talk to them!  BAM!

If you’re not satisfied with the pace of your business, the reason usually comes down to one key indicator.  You just aren’t TALKING to enough NEW people.  You think you are … but the results prove otherwise.

In most cases, your prospecting pace is simply not up to the level necessary to reach your goals!

For many Direct Sellers, today’s technology may be slowing them down.  For the month of September, I challenge you to track the number of people you reach out to … via text, message or email … versus the number of people you actually TALK to. Yikes!  This is going to be an eye opener for many of you!

This dilemma was perfectly expressed when I interviewed an emerging leader who had promoted to the top of her pay plan.  The pace of her business had increased dramatically in the few months leading up to her promotion, and so I was curious about what, if anything, she had done differently.

When I asked her what caused the shift in her business, she responded with one of the best quotes I have ever heard on the subject.  She said …

“I was convinced that I was talking to enough people, until I actually started talking to enough people.”

I know!  Good one, eh?  Go back and read it again.  Yes, it’s even better the second time isn’t it?

There is no magic bullet in our profession … but if there were … this would be it!

So ask yourself.  Are you convinced that you are TALKING to enough people?  Are you satisfied with the pace of your business?

If not, now is the time for short-term massive action.  Now is the time for a September Sprint.  Now is the time to reach out to more people than ever before!

Here is a simple plan of action:  Tap into your “Why” for inspiration; refresh your story so you have something authentic to say; create a strategic list of 30 people; schedule time in your calendar for your Direct Selling business; schedule time for three-way calls with your Sponsor or upline leader; and PICK UP THE PHONE and TALK TO PEOPLE!

When you start talking to enough new people on a consistent basis … you can increase the pace of your business and move confidently in the direction of your goals.

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