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Hang on to your title!

Meet Your Goals

Working your way to the top of your pay plan is a goal for many Consultants. It just makes sense to leverage your plan and maximize your financial rewards.

There is a well-known phrase by the legendary motivational speaker, Zig Zigler, that reminds us, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

That’s the foundational energy behind promoting in title.  By helping your business partners meet their goals … you meet your goals.

Here’s a question to consider: Have you ever promoted in title only to find yourself in the following month(s) unable to maintain your new title?  How does that happen?  Well, of all the reasons why, here are the top three:

Complacency: You are so thrilled to promote in title, you decide to take the next month off to relax and celebrate.

Denial: You actually believe that every one of your new business partners will have the discipline, courage and commitment to continue to maintain their new title and build their business.

Managing:  You spend all your time working with your team to support their growth at the exclusion of your personal prospecting and sponsoring.

For most of us, it’s only through that initial ‘demotion’ in title that we begin to understand how tenuous our new title can be.  And who wants to go backwards after the effort and commitment to move to the next level?  You don’t want to lose the additional income or send the wrong message to your team.

So how do you strike a balance that effectively supports the concept of ‘promote and maintain?’  By striking a balance between personal sponsoring and working with your team.

The concept of ‘Promote and Maintain’ is a critical component for building stability and sustainability in your organization.  And it’s a behavior you can foster in your leaders by setting a personal example … and then duplicate through repetition of messaging and training.

And it won’t always be easy!  With the myriad of responsibilities to reach out, follow-up, mentor and support, it’s easy to lose your balance.  Begin each day with the commitment to maintain your current title.  The activities to support that goal should revolve around personal prospecting and team support.

And as you begin to master this balancing act to ‘promote and maintain’ your title, you’ll teach your team to do the same.  In the long run, this will result in retention, financial rewards and leadership development as your team grows.

Teaching your leaders to ‘Promote and Maintain’ is a proven method to embrace Zig’s attitude of abundance. As you effectively lead your team to meet their goals … you will in turn meet yours.


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